SOLD - WA '85'- More WA Historic 1985 Auction Plates wanted!

NEW RELEASE: the WA Historic Heritage Plate '85' from the 1985 WA The Great Plate Auction- click above.

Our current auction- all sold

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FOR SALE A fine series of entry level plates for sale:


GP plate '41' - SOLD










SA '54' - SOLD first day of listing- An incredible 2-digit offering; with interstate 2-digit prices approacing and exceeding $1m per plate ~ act quickly

We have STRONG demand
for any and all 2 and 3-digit plates especially- call 0401 722 222 today to sell

SA '923' - sold within an hour of listing ~ we have STRONG demand for any and all 3-digit plates- call 0401 722 222 today to sell



FOR SALE- SA 'GT4' and "GT4 RS'


Look at the massive list of GP plates we have sold over the years- MORE WANTED




SOLD 1st day of listing- SA 909 - MORE 3-DIGIT PLATES WANTED- call 0401 722 222 today. 




SOLD But wait- there's more: perfect for all the AMG '63' owners out there....






WANTED -all 4-digit plates:  SA '3522' SOLD and '3523' SOLD.


WANTED -all 3-digit plates:  SA '429' SOLD and '679' SOLD.





SA '894' - SOLD immediately upon listing- more plates WANTED


SOLD- SA '978' Under offer. More 3-digits plate sought.







NeWlY LiStEd- SA '308-355' ...if you're intereted in this, you also know how special this plate is ....!

SA '8880000' SOLD

SA '8888000' SOLD

SA '8888800' SOLD

GP '156' SOLD



NEWS: The Vic '26' Heritage Plate sells for $1.11m on an estimate of $600-700,000- bought 20 years ago for $70,000. Proof, if ever any was needed, of the ongoing superior invstment credentials of low, special and distinctive Historic Heritage Plates.


** Find Historic Plates on WeChat- SOLD a very special Lucky Auspicious Plate - SA '88-888- a rare opportunity

SOLD- the finest 2-digit plate pair- SA '21' and '22'. Sold by us at The Great Plate Auction IV in 2012, it is our honour to again be chosen to offer this special pair of plates to the collectors and investors market- sold again by www.historicplates.com.au - more fine plates WANTED

NEW- the fine, rare, special low plate '29' SOLD




SOLD: The most special and interesting SA Plate to be offered in some years, the availability of SA'01' is likely the only opportunity in your lifetime to secure a '1' numeral plate in SA. SA '1' cannot be transferred and isn't for sale regardless- but you can secure the heriloom plate SA '01' now.


SA 01- SOLD ...SA was the only state to issue a series of "leading zero" plates in period, in 1918 when plate '9999' was issued the authorities reverted back and issued plate '01', '02' and so on. Here is the official list of Registered Owners showing this changeover and the plate's first owner.


Please note: certain terms apply, please make contact for futher information.


GP '63': SOLD






SOLD on day of fist listing:  SA '556' ... a fantastic repeat digit plate 'five-fiftysix' on offer from a long term owner- we are finding 3-digits

increasingly hard to source, be quick for this fabulous plate!

SA '371'- newly listed and SOLD same day...



SA '123-456' SOLD

**SOLD* Rare consecutive pair- contact Stewart Kay on 0401 722 222. More 3-digit plates wanted


Preliminary announcement- The fine and desirable 4-digit original 1985 The Geat Plate Auction plate WA '1133'- enquire

.... not $1300 today (1985 auction price!)

Preliminary announcement- The fine and auspicious 2-digit plate SA '83' - coming soon to The Great Plate Auction 2019.



SA '83' SOLD - the fine, rare and desirable 2-digit plate first issued in 1906,  SA '83'.

Please register your interest via our email at sell@plates.com.au or with Stewart Kay on 0401 722 222.




SOLD: The ULTIMATE plate for the ULTIMATE home grown Aussie Muscle Car. Offered for the first time ever, the final finishing touch to your 100-point restoration, your repoduction GTHO or your original and genuine Phase 3 GTHO. Enquire on 0401 722 222. SOLD.

For Sale: SA 'V6' ... the perfect Ferrari 246 Dino plate: inquire today.

Fine, rare, low, special and First-to-Market plates sought for our 2019 Auction and Sales season- enquire today.


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SA '73' SOLD

SA'986' and SA '1986**' (**SOLD) - the perfect his and her lucky number set available now prior to auction:



SA '299' SOLD WITHIN one WEEK- more special low and first to market plates WANTED !


FOR SALE: SA '986' - call today on 0401 722 222



FOR SALE: SA '1318'

MORE FINE AND RARE PLATES WANTED- Call Stewart Kay on 0401 722 222.

Do you have or know of one of these....WANTED - a 4-digit plate ending in "00" - enquire today.


The lowest 3-digit Historic Plate to come on the market in SA in over 20 years in SA '104'; also SA '138' (SOLD) - amongst the top 3 lucky 3-digit plates avaiable in SA behind '888' and '168', the 'lucky' and auspicious plate SA '138' (SOLD) meaning "prospeity for life"; SA '7999' (SOLD) and SA '9777' (CURRENTLY AVAILABLE); and SA '5353' (SOLD) and SA '5354' (SOLD)


MORE PLATES WANTED particularly Black GP Plates and low, special and distinctive first to market Historic Plates.

CURRENT AVAILABILITIES:- call 0401 722 222 - SA '9777', SA '678' and SA '908' - more low plates & distinctive plates WANTED




CURRENT AVAILABILITIES:- call 0401 722 222 for pricing- SA '9777', SA '678' and SA '908' :


WANTED- We have serious, qualified buyers for your 2-digit Historic and low Grand Prix plate- contact us for a confidential dicussion today ... there's never been a better time to sell !


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Entered in our July auction commencing shortly- SA '28' and SA '955' - '955' is offered for the first time for sale since issue in 1910


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THE RARE, DESIRABLE single character plate 'X' : SOLD at auction



'166' Grand Prix ~ SOLD.

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NEW AUCTION LISTING- SA's best Mercedes-Benz numberplate, 'AMG'

One-Off Collector Plates for sale:







SA '9687'







SA '869', SOLD- more great 3-digits wanted

3-digit number SA '876' SOLD- more greatn 3-digits WANTED



SA '67-637' Newly Listed for sale- POA












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The Single Digit Historic Plate SA '3' and SA ‘6’, a pair of only five
SA single digit’s with Rights.

SOLD. Another Historic Plates ahcieved record price for an Australian numberplate tranasction.


Fine, rare and distinctive plates wanted for sale or auction today.



For the results of the 2013 SA Gov't Plate Auction, click here:









Record sales again at OUR most recent AUCTION, The Great SA Plate AuctionTM IV, Sunday December 2nd, 2012:


The Great SA Plate Auction IV, SOLD for an Australian record plate price for 2012.



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We have Australia wide demand for your single digit, 2-digit, 3-digit, 4-digit WA, SA, Vic, NSW and Qld Q Historic and Heritage Plates and need yours to sell today!



c. 1986 image of  SA "3", SA "5" and SA "6", gratefully provided to us by a valued client of SA's No 1 Historic Plate auctioneers and dealers: www.historicplates.com.au




This unrivalled sales & auction record is testimony that www.historicplates.com.au are the No 1 plate dealers in SA.




Where are they Today?



Today we proudly release the SA "1" to "100" 'Where are they Today?' list


This is the first time the details of the first hundred registration plates in SA- as they are today- have been published, in another first from SA's No1 Historic Plates dealers www.historicplates.com.au.


Firsts are something you have come to expect from us as the Historic Plate market leaders; so here is a full list of the SA Historic Plates SA '1' to SA '100', the first time such a list has been published.


Included is a summary with data, information and conclusions about the "first hundred" registration plates in SA.

I expect to see it copied and regirgitated on the web elsewhere soon, just like everything we do at www.historicplates.com.au. :)


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Spotted Pictures

We promised an image of the most exclusive number plate in SA, it can be found here in our third page of "spotted plates":


We have more images to add in the future, so check back often.



At Historicplates.com.au we are finalising the details on some fine new plates that will be offered to our mailing list shortly.

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We have compiled a chart outlining the results publicly available for Australian 2-digit sales in the markets SA, Victoria and NSW. We believe it makes interesting reading. Having sold more 2-digit Historic Plates than anyone in Australia in 2011 we have un-met client demand for exceptional 2-digit plates and need yours for sale today.








WA Historic Plates WANTED ! - we have buyers waiting today.


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