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 Thursday June 2nd, 2011 are pleased to announce something very, very special coming soon......


All will be revealed shortly- a very interesting 2-digit Historic Plate with huge investment potential.


Be sure to be on our mailing list to be the first of our customers to be offered this low & special plate.


Priced very realistically with significant room for future growth, this is a truly great investment opportunity.


In addition, we have two new interesting and well priced plates to release to the market shortly. with almost $1m in sales and just under 50 plates sold year-to date, we are the clear No 1 for Historic Plates.




We also have some very interesting new 2-digit information to be released to the site soon, check back here for information or ensure you are on our mailing list to receive priority information on new Historic Plate availability.


 Monday May 30th, 2011:


Welcome to a new week. We have a couple of interesting new plates to list shortly, stay tuned to the site or ensure you are registered with our mailing list to receive first notification of these availabilities.

Also, we have just added an interesting comparison in the  NEW FAQ Guide to investing in SA Historic Plates- how would $1500 invested in a 2-digit plate in October 1985 compare to the same amount invested in the Blue Chip share interesting exercise.





We have just added a graph outlining indicative Historic Plate value growth 1985-2011 in the NEW FAQ Guide to investing in SA Historic Plates, see the link below.

We have just added a new current image of the 2-digit Historic Plate SA "60" in the relevant SA Historic Plate Register Project page.



Monday May 23rd, 2011:


We have devised and published the internet's first SA Historic Plate investment guide in a FAQ format. We have had significant recent enquiry from investors who are new to Historic Plates and had some excellent questions, our answers to which we have published on the site as the first online guide to investing in Historic Plates.

See it here: 


For new customers who are interested in investing in Historic Plates we have compiled this guide to answer some questions, and to show the desirability of fine Historic Plates not only visually on your car but also as a tax free appreciating investment.


Sunday May 22nd, 2011:

For a report of the SA Government Historic Plate Auction held today, please see the following:






SA "375" sold to a new client who has registered on our mailing list within an hour of leaving our email out-box.

If you are reading this and are not registered with us- SA's No 1 dealers and auctioneers in Historic Plates, you could be missing out on these special opportunities offered first to our client base. Register today!





To see Plates For Sale- click here:


Wednesday May 18th, 2011:





Yes, this is a 1910 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.






The notable SA gentry had the best Historic Plates because they had the first cars registered in SA.....and received the earliest plates.



Imagine what low and special Historic Plate it wore here in SA........

......all will be revealed soon- this Historic Plate is for sale.

Be sure to be on our mailing list to be the first of our customers to be offered this special plate.






We have had a very interesting afternoon at we will be able to be reveal more later in the week so keep an eye on the site or regsiter on our mailing list.



We have some interesting plates to add for sale, and some new spotted pictures, including one very rarely seen special Historic Plate.


Monday May 16th, 2011:

Over the weekend we received instruction from a long term client to sell a cherished low & special 3-digit historic plate.

This number has been held in a single family owership since 1951, and is a truly great number.

In addition to our following new releases we have some very special offerings for investors and enthusiasts alike in the coming week, in addition to our very special off-market superb low plate. Call for details.





Friday May 13th, 2011:  

As you can see from our updates it's been a busy week in the skunk works.  We've sold three newly listed plates, and have had some interesting & fruitful discussions with purchasers and vendors alike.


We have we have been instructed by a client to offer a very very low, distinctive and special plate "off-market"; please contact us directly for details or register on our mailing list for more information. I don't anticipate this special plate will last long, if our recent low and special plate brokerages are anything to go by.

We will also be adding another very special & new-to-the-market plate shortly- once it has been released initially to our mailing list.

To get on our e-mailing list for pre-release advice of plate availabilities register on our form here:

Thursday May 12th, 2011:





WANTED: The finest 2 digit Historic Plates. We have sold more 2-digits than anyone in SA and following the success of our Feb Auction have unsatisfied demand from cash buyers waiting to pay an over market price for your 2-digit Historic Plate.


SA "1811" - On Hold- more plates wanted

 Over the past 7-days we have brokered the sales of three fine Historic Plates.


*More special, low 2, 3 and 4-digit plates wanted* 



Wednesday May 11th, 2011:




 SA “151”- SOLD   *More special, low 2, 3 and 4-digit plates wanted* 



Tuesday May 10th, 2011:

New Spotted Pictures II page images added and a new image of the fantastic plate GP 2 added to the SA Grand Prix Black Plate Register Project page.

Monday May 9th, 2011:

Well, it didn't last long. Truly special plates never do. One of the best 3-digit numbers to come on the market of late, SA "151" was released to our mailing list on Thursday 5th May. We had enquiries within an hour of our 2.30pm e-mail-out; our first caller was very keen to acquire the number and we subsequently had several parties express immediate interest in the plate. We received several offers and have placed SA "151" on hold as our first enquirer has astutely acquired this special number at our client's asking price. Bravo.

**We have unsatisfied demand for the finest low 2 and 3-digit plates. If you are considering selling, there has never been a better time nor a better way to sell than through SA's No1 Historic Plate dealers,**


Sunday May 8th, 2011


Happy Mother's Day to all mum's.

We've upated December 2011's The Great Plate Auction III page with early notice of some special Historic Plate entries already received. We have unsatisfied cutomer demand for the finest low and special Historic Plates and have proven with our record-breaking live February 2011 Auction and recent offweb-site sales, that selling your plate though us will achieve you and your family a market correct and, for the rarest plates, record-breaking sales results. we are the undisputed leaders and drivers of the SA Historic Plate market.


What record price can we help you achieve for your plate?


Friday May 6th







We have just listed five new, exceptional plates for sale: 

SA “151”

 SA “958”

SA “1811”

SA “1986”

 SA "1M"

As we continue to be the leading force in the SA Historic Plate market, we are pleased to announce we have the rare and very special low 3-digit plate SA “151” available for sale, in addition to the newly listed plates SA "958", SA "1811" and SA "1986", and the custom plate SA "1M".

See our for sale page for more details & pricing:





Wednesday May 4th, 2011


New images of plates owned by clients of ours- SA "18" and SA "39" in the SA Historic Plate Register Project parts I and III.


Tuesday May 4th, 2011


ADVANCE NOTICE: A LOW 3-DIGIT: A very, very special, neat and low three digit historic plate is about to be listed by us at SA's No 1 plate dealers- us at; contact us to discuss it's acquisition or register on our mailing list for advance advice of this and other plates.  SOLD.

This is a brilliant plate that is first time to the market, has had one owner since 1986 and is a very low historic 3-digit plate in the tightly held and very desirable series of plates under 200. As such, it's availability represents an exceptional investment opportunity. With our recent 2-digit plate sales at the $100,000 mark, this low 3-digit is well priced for future growth, and is a great opportunity to acquire a "balanced" numerals, low 3-digit plate under 200- plates which rarely become available.

**Be quick, as such low special number plates rarely last long on the market.**


We are also about to add a couple of nice Historic 4-digit "Year" plates- perfect for you or your vehicle's birth year.

We have just added the prices achieved for the plates at The Great Plate Auction 2011, note the record prices achieved for the 2-digits and 6-digits as listed.

We have updated our Spotted Pictures II page and the SA Historic Plate Register Project Part III with new images of SA"64", a plate we auctioned for a record price in February. It looks fantastic on it's new vehicle.

I've also added some extra information and images in the SA Historic Plate Register Project Part I (SA "2" new research) and II (SA "17" current image), as some new images, research and information has come to light on some very low Historic Plates. We have more to add here in the coming days.


Tuesday April 19th, 2011


As we continue to lead and drive the SA Historic Plate market and add to our exclusive wealth of information on this web site, we are pleased to announce we will shortly be adding more information to The SA Historic Plate Register Project page on the Single Digit SA Historic Plates.


Having just spent this morning meeting with a Single Digit owner we have some new and exciting information and images to add to this page, as again has secured new & exclusive information on the histories of these, the rarest of SA Plates.


We have been granted exclusive access to a special vehicle that has had it's single digit since the mid 1960's, and today we photographed it in detail.  We have been granted permission by our client to publish Single Digit images that have never before been published any where else and use of which has exclusively been given to


In addition, we will update the SA Historic Plate Register Project with some new information that has recently come to light through our research and contacts on several of the other Single Digit Historic Plates. : The Number 1 Dealers in Historic Plates and the Number 1 source of SA Historic Plate information.




Monday April 18th, 2011


The SA Historic Plate Register Project page on SA "1" has  been updated with some additional research. More information is to be added shortly.

Saturday April 16th, 2011


We've added two fantastic new images to the brilliant The SA Historic Plate Register Project- Part 1  page, covering SA "1" to SA "9"- The Single Digit Historic Plates.

We have more special information to come for this page in the coming days, an Easter treat for all the fans of both our site and single-digit SA Historic Plates, so check back often.


Friday April 15th, 2011


We've added some information and pictures in a new "About us" page, that tells a bit of our story and how we first got interested in historic plates.

Plate Sales: We are selling every plate we can get our hands on for top market prices at the moment.....SA"1750", SA"7502", SA"313-388", SA"600", SA"900", SA"679" and Black Grand Prix plate "156" all have been sold by us in the last few weeks: more plates are wanted, please enquire with us for your selling options, or see our how to sell page.

When you sell with us you're selling with SA's No1 dealers and auctioneers of Historic Plates.

We've added a second page of spotted pics, with the first entries pictures from SA's most successful recent number plate event...... February's The Great Plate Auction 2011.











Tuesday April 5th, 2011

SA1750- SOLD- in under one day of listing last Wednesday......SA's No1 Plate Dealers need more historic plates! This plate sold to a member of our mailing list before being listed on the site- register on our mailing list to receive priority advice of new plate availabilities.

*NEW* An interesting vintage Porsche plate with fascinating Porsche Factory/Australian rally history has been added to the R & S & Special plates section.




Wednesday March 30th, 2011.







Monday March 28th, 2011.



**We have added some very, very interesting, historic & special SA number plates to the R&S and Special SA Plates section.**

**Spotted Pictures have been updated including a montage of historic plates spotted at Yesterday's E-Type 50th anniversay event.**

<< We'll have more news and updates this week including two new historic plates for sale: check back often>>


Friday March 18th 2011: SA"600" and SA"900" SOLD by us, SA's No 1 dealers in Historic Plates.

Wednesday March 16th, 2011: R & S Series, Custom and other special plates for sale. New Page.

Monday March 14th, 2011: SA"600" and SA"900", SA"313-388" addded for sale.

New page "Spotted Pictures" added- rare plates on cars: send us your spotted pictures too. New Page

Monday March 7th, 2011: sold plates and WANTED plate pages updated.



Who was your Historic Plate originally registered to?

We have just obtained a list of registered owners and their vehicle makes for historic plates 1- 1100, c. 1906-1927 email us if you'd like a copy for your plate's original ownership details, email us at with the details of your historic plate and we will happily email you a copied excerpt of your plate and it's original ownership details from our rare old historical records.

Free with our compliments.




Contact us for details on The Great Plate Auction III and how you can achieve records with your rare plate- we already have several brilliant, low and first time to the market plates listed with us for this, our next auction.





We concluded the sale of SA "911" and SA "H" post auction, with both sales being SA 3-digit and "custom" plate record sales results. The four 2-digits sold under the hammer were for record prices as was the price achieved for SA "333-333", a 6-digit price record. : continuing to lead and drive the Historic Plate resale market in SA.


The Great Plate Auction: see us in an article in The Advertiser on 10th Feb 2011:







Above image: SA Life magazine article photoshoot Oct 2010, SA "1" on 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet.





Welcome to the Adelaide based, the number 1 place to visit if you’re in the market for a South Australian black and white historic plate, are considering selling or auctioning your historic plate to gain your maximum return, or are looking for information, historic data and news on South Australian historic plates.

We were the first to deal in historic plates in SA when we established a re-sale market for historic plates in 1989, and we are the largest and most comprehensive source of information and knowledge on SA historic plates anywhere. Enjoy the wealth of information on our site, the most comprehensive and detailed information on SA Plate on the web.






 SA “958” - Under Offer  *More special, low 2, 3 and 4-digit plates wanted* 

Following on from our recent exceptional sales results we have secured the sale of these Historic Plates within days of listing and at the owner’s asking prices.

"Number 1" is a claim that can only be made by the one clear market leader in sales achievement and vendor & client satisfaction; it is a badge at we work hard to achieve and are proud to clearly demonstrate week after week, month after month, year after year. the Number 1 dealers and auctioneers of SA Historic Plates

With waiting cash buyers on our books, SA's Number 1 needs more special Historic Plates for this unsatisfied client demand.

Site upgrades:

Spotted Pictures II updated with new images.

Still Available: SA "1811" and SA "1986" and SA "100-054"


To get on our e-mailing list for pre-release advice of this and our other coming special offerings register on our  contact form here:

If you wished to acquire this rare car today I am told you would first need to find one and have in your pocket a six figure cheque.

The Silver Ghost is the car Rolls Royce built it's reputation on, and the transport of  the most notable South Australian gentry at the turn of the 20th Century. It is one of only a few Ghosts exported into our Antipodean market.



Friday May 20th, 2011:



Given our reputation & position as SA's Number 1 dealers and auctioneers of Historic Plates, I was contacted by Channel 10 News yesterday for a television interview on SA plates. My second to-camera interview with Channel 10 this year regarding Historic Plates, the segment aired on the Channel 10 news at 6.10pm tonight. We hope you got to see on your TV set this evening .


The TV news article had info on the coming Government Auction, and spent some time with myself discussing historic plates as an investment; the news article then covered the stunning results we achieved at The Great Plate Auction in February, including vision of our live auction event, with SA "82" & "87" on display cars and also SA "64" and SA "65", all of which we sold under the hammer for record 2- digit prices.  We have sold four significant 2-digit plates this year to date and have achieved the highest price for a 3-digit Historic Plate ever sold in SA.


We are currently acting for one such client who has chosen an "off-market" sales method via us at . If you are interested in special, investment grade low plates, then contact us today to discuss our current "off market" offering. See below.


With nearly a million dollars in historic plates sales year-to-date and the best buyer and seller contact lists, this is  why our events, The Great Plate Auction are the clear "No 1" choice for plate holders who are serious about achieving the best prices for their special plates.


Why risk selling any other way than our proven live auction events or via the proven sales results we generate through our website? 


We are planning our next auction and want the best SA Historic Plates to sell live, under the hammer. If you are a buyer, we secure the best plates to come on the market. If you are a seller, take note, if you are considering selling by any other method or with anyone other than us you are risking not maximising the return on your valuable investment. Call me to discuss you or your family's plate without obligation.


So, what record price can our next live The Great Plate Auction break with your plate?