*NEW* Spotted Pictures


Thanks to clients of www.historicplates.com.au and out and about I come across some of the rarest and most special historic plates, and on this page I'll add some images of these plates.

I'll also be raiding my back-catalogue of plate images for pictures of historic plates on cars for this page.

For detailed histories and images of the low and special historic plates, see The SA Historic Plate Register Project pages on the menu.

Check back often as I will be adding images over the coming weeks, and we have some brilliant and never before seen historic plate pictures to add.


Thanks to the fan's of our site who send in their pictures of plates spotted on the street, on the side of the road and in sheds. We'll add these to this page too.

We'd love to receive your special and rare plate pictures; you can send your rare photo scoops to us via:



SA"95"- owned by an astute client of ours and registered to the first SLS to arrive in SA.


SA"4444"-  a client of ours and a brilliant 4-digit plate. 


SA"2468"-  a client of ours and another brilliant 4-digit plate. 

SA"3456"- another brilliant 4 digit plate we procured for a valued client.

SA"5678"- another ascending 4-digit historic plate we procured for a valued client.

SA"130"- a nice low 3-digit owned by astute collectors known to us.

SA"177"- sold by us in the '90s to this client and looking good on a current M3.

SA"101"- one of my all time favourite plates and owned by a past client of ours.

SA"155"- another low 3-digit sold by us in the '90s to this valued client.

GP1- the lowest "number" "owned" in SA

see more here:


SA"1242" -the old and the new. Funny how fate works. Two pics taken a week apart, with SA"1242" going from a 1962 Porsche flagship to it's 2011 counterpart.....

We have SA"600" & SA"900" for sale currently. SA"300" is another favourite of ours and is held by an astute owner who advises us despite several offers it's not for sale! Looks fantastic on an R230 series SL.

SA"230"- owned by a client and registered to one of the six 1970 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet's delivered new to Australia.

SA "Mercedes"- We've re-sold more "Classic Name Plates" than anyone and have always like these. This rare plate has been with one owner since first issued in 1985, and has over this time always been registered to a current series Mercedes-Benz SL.

SA"55-555"-  a great recurring plate, we sold SA"11-111" in the 90's and love these recurring numbers.

SA"150" a great 3-digit number, & in long term ownership.

SA"144" We've sold SA"155", "166" and "177" and recently spotted this historic plate on a rare outing on Hutt St. Having just sold SA"244" we think SA"144" looks great too. I love seeing the historics on vintage, period cars, and like seeing the '85 Great Plate Auction original enamel plates in use.

SA"917"- having just sold SA"911" and being Porsche enthusiasts we love this number. I've not yet been able to prise SA "959" out of a friend, but I'll get it one day. Both classic Porsche plates.

SA"9111" whilst we're speaking Porsche's here's a plate we sold to the current owner in the 90's. This number has been on several of the most pristine Porsche's you'd be lucky enough to see including a rare 2.4S Targa. This A Coupe is no exception.

SA"8888"- time for something old. Not exactly spotted; but how lucky was this chap to be issued this outstanding number?

SA"888". SA's best 3-digit plate and owned by a very astute historic plate investor. A personal favourite.

SA"321"- We procured this for a valued client years ago to match another great 3-digit in this collection: ascending and decending plates are a particular favourite of ours at historicplates.com.au.

SA"176"- A great low 3-digit with original and now very rare SA Number Plate Co George Industries manufactured plate; note how the "SA" is centered and the numeral "1" has no serifs.

SA"136"- here is another low 100's plate ending in "6" with a half size SA Number Plate Co manufactured plate. Note in this plate the "SA" is left aligned and the "1" again has no serif's. I much prefer the non-serfied "1" numerals.

SA"7755"- great looking 4-digit in enamel.

E-TYPE 50th anniversary montage: 27.3.11. We love seeing cars with the original plates that were first registered to them. Sadly these are an endangered species as recent chages to government rules do not enable old historic numbers to be transferred with their original vehicles upon a change of ownership unless they own the rights to those plates. 

We hope the owners obtained the rights to the two fantastic fitted Lykke plates pictured, SA"5793" and SA"7532", numbers that would be the original numbers registered to these cars. Note these two have specially made large plates to fit the E-Type numberplate panel. Note also the two different fonts of these Lykke plates- customers could specify the font.


Larger picture of SA"2952"above, a nice 4-digit owned by a client of ours; look closely for a good laugh.

Not quite spotted as I have them in my hand; but worthy of placing in the "Spotted" section: Glow in the Dark historic numberplates. Made with special incandescent paint these plates charge up in the sunlight and literally glow in the dark all night. The white enamel is luminescent and glows with a greenish tinge in the dark. How 'bout that!

Porsche Montage- some random Porsche Historic Plates including some of our clients plates pictured in 2010.

SA"777"- I think this is the most elegant historic plate and modern vehicle combination in SA. Looks fantastic. The owner, known to us, has impeccable taste.