SA Historic Plate Value Guide

Historic Plates - Value Grading

The most frequently asked question of us is “what is my/a plate worth. have developed the following value guide, and note it is a guide only, to valuing rare SA historic plates.

For reference and to view or recent auction sales results, you can peruse our Feb 2011 The Great Plate Auction under the hammer results here:

As the undisputed market leaders in the sales of SA Historic Plates and South Australia's only specialised dealers and auctioneers of low and special historic plates, the recent results we have achieved are a good start point in the valuation of your special historic plate.

The auction results we achieved in Feb 2011, as a result of our extensive and expert marketing campaign surrounding the live auction, have provided a significant uplift to the current value of many Historic Plates and we are best placed to provide you with an accurate estimate of the guiding range you could expect for your rare, low and special Historic Plate.

Your Plate's Value: 

Contact us for a confidential, obligation free valuation of your plate, with the above and recent sales data used as a guide to value. We've sold more plates than anyone else hence are uniqiely placed to value your Historic Plate.

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In addition, for reference we have collated some sales data from Government Auctions over the past few years which is catalogued in the following section of our site:

Valuing low and irreplaceable rare plates is pretty subjective, but our twenty years of experience in brokering historic plates has revealed the numbers, series and combinations that are the most sought after from both a collectable and aesthetics point of view.

Return on investment? Have a look at the following. A UK Bugatti Veyron owner has supposedly turned down GBP 5,000,000 for "F1" after purchasing the plate for GBP 375,000 in 2008:



Single digit historic SA plates:

Only 4 single-digit Historic Plates on Issue with full rights

A rare & special market; for enquiries refer directly to

Of the nine single digit plates, it is understood only plates SA3, SA6, SA7 and SA9 have had Proprietary Rights issued. In addition, we believe there may be one additional single digit plate that could have had rights, restricted or proprietary, sold to it.

In the rare event that a single digit historic plate should become available (and given we know the owners and know how unlikely this would ever be) it would be the counsel of to the registered owner of a single digit plate to have us run an extensive marketing and media campaign culminating in a Great Plate Auction live auction of the plate. Hi to the owners of the rare single digits and their families, you've a very astute investment there.

The Great Plate Auction is the finest vehicle through which to sell your plates.

However, it is highly unlikely that we are to see a single digit come onto the market in the near to mid term future. Should this ever happen, a new SA plate sale price record would be set.


Two digit historic SA plates:

Only 65* 2-digit Historic Plates on Issue with Full Rights

*from records

There is no bad two digit, they are all highly sought after and all are expecptional pieces of South Australian motoring history. Having said this, basic numerology dictates that some may be more, well, special and thus sought after than others.

A+++                  Low numbers in teens: 11 - 19 

A+++                  Repeat numbers: 22, 33, 44, 55 etc

A+++                  Ten multiples ie numbers ending in zeros: 20, 30 40, etc 

A+++                  Significant & lucky numbers: e.g. 21, 69, 38, 68

A+++                  All other two digit numbers

(*NOTE: of the 90 two digit plates potentially available, it’s understood approximately 65* of these plates have had Proprietary Rights issued and that 36# families and owners hold these 65 plates between them*)

*: source: rare vintage plate records * All rights reserved.

#: After we auctioned four 2-digit plates for new record prices on 13th Feb, 2011 we have not expanded the owneship of the rare 2-digit plates: two existing 2-digt owners bought another plate and one 2-digit owner sold a pair, with a new owner purchasing this pair SA "64" and SA "65".


Three digit SA Historic Plates:

Only 900 Potential Historic Plates on Issue

A++++                  888 & 911 (and hi to the owners)

A+++                    other triple digit numbers: 111, 222 etc

A++                      “hundreds”- 100, 200, 300 etc

A+ +                      even Numbers:  202, 303 etc

A++                       engine specific numbers: 289, 350, 351, etc

A+                         model specific numbers*: 560, 280, 964, 996 etc

A+                         numbers ending in Zero: 240, 710 etc

A                           the remainder of the three digit plates


*note: some of these numbers are quite car specific and there can be a more limited market for them as a result e.g. 924, 318

(of the 900 three digit plates potentially available, it’s understood around three quarters of all three digit plates have had Proprietary Rights issued)


Four, Five, Six digit historic SA plates:

In number 999,000 Potential Historic Plates on Issue

4-digits: 9,000 plates

5-Digits: 90,000 plates

6-Digits: 900,000 plates

A grading system is in development for the remainder, being four, five and six digit plates. However, the numeral patterns and desirable combinations follow those of the plates above. More to come.


The value of your plates:


Contact us for a confidential, obligation free valuation of your plate, with the above and recent sales data used as a guide to value. We've sold more plates than anyone else hence are uniqiely placed to value your Historic Plate.

Email us at: