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Interested in selling your rare historic plate?

The owners of just under 50 Historic Plates so far this year have been interested in selling their special plates, and have done so through us at . We are the only full time brokers and auctioneers of SA Historic Plates, and with over 20 years experience in SA Historic Plates we stand alone as the only business in SA with this level of expertise.  Outstanding cusomer service is our mantra, and with our plates sales so far this year closing in on $1 million, you know you are dealing with SA's one and only  plate specialists with a proven track record and exemplary credentials.

Don't risk selling your plate any other way than through us.

 The Great Plate Auction

The The Great Plate Auction 2011, held in February, established new benchmarks in SA not just for the record prices we achieved but also by providing the finest vehicle through which to sell your rare, special, low or interesting Historic Plate, Black Grand Prix, or Classic Name plate.

We are currently in the planning for The Great Plate Auction III, the best way for historic plate owners to comprehensively market and sell their plates and which is planned to be held late in 2011.


The Great Plate Auction has been developed to aid our clients with rare, low and unique historic plates in achieving an accurate market price for these sometimes "once in a lifetime" available plates.

Offering plates via a live auction is a proven way to offer plates at a true market value price.

Click here for details on the previous auction:

To list a rare plate for auction contact us via 0401 722 222 or

Selling via our Website:

Another option and one which many satisfied clients have utilised is to nominate a price and offer your plate to our mailing list and then via our website.

We have sold many significant Historic Plates by this method and have achieved outstanding results for our vendors by this method.

Cost to you as a seller:

We do not charge a listing fee for you to sell your plates with us, we take a small commission upon your plate selling and arrange all the paperwork on behalf of the vendor and the purchaser, including the, transferral of the historic plates and the liaison with the Department of Transport to facilitate this.

We are the simplest and most effective way to sell your plate- having sold nearly 50 plates so far in 2011, the most plates sold by anyone including the SA Government, you can see we are the experts in SA Historic Plate sales.

Our expertise

We buy plates outright, can broker plates, consign plates or sell discreetly to pre-registered interested collectors.  We offer free no obligation advice, and can aid in either the disbursement or acquisition of great SA historic plates. Recently, responding to client demand I have initiated an adjunct to our historic plates business, The Great Plate Auction live auction event vehicle., through us at has been developed to aid our clients with rare, low and unique historic plates in achieving an accurate market price for these sometimes "once in a lifetime" available plates. Some plates have recently sold quite quickly and it's my view that they've been underpriced, hence have not achieved their true market value. Offering plates via auction is a proven way to offer plates at a true market value price.

Our terms are very reasonable and are very simple on purpose, in order to make your selling experience with us as fruitful and easy as possible. 

When selling through us you have five options:

1.      The Great Plate Auctions- live auction events that sell your plate on the auction block. Contact us for details.

2.      Listing your plate on our “For Sale” section. We have the highest site hits on relevant search terms and our site enjoys the highest of hits from interested customers. Of course our email and Australia Post hard copy mailing lists are utilised here to advise of the plate’s availability also.

3.      Tender: we run a public tender process to maximise your return using our extensive database and advertising to promote and advise clients of the plates availability.

4.      Off market, discrete “private treaty” sales. Some of our vendors prefer the privacy of offering their rare plate through us to our select and qualified collector/enthusiast audience without the publicity that often ensues when a low and rare number comes to market.

5.  We purchase fine, low historic plates outright for cash.

Do you have a plate you wish to value? can assist historic plate owners, families of owners or vehicle enthusiasts with all plates needs.

Are you looking for a Historic plate?

Are you looking to purchase a single digit, or a two, three, four, five or six digit plate?

Do you have an old vehicle that is registered with a desirable Historic Plate, and are unsure if you own the rights to the plate? Are you unsure what you have to do to facilitate either plate ownership or the sale of the plate?

Contact for obligation free advice and assistance.

What’s my plate worth?

We can establish a value of your plate, and offer advice on it’s sale and the subsequent transfer process.


With over 20 years experience no-one has the expertise, contacts or database of

No1 for Historic Plates in SA.