The Great Plate Auction 2011


Friday 4th March 2011.  Please email us for your electronic copy of The Great Plate Auction 2011 Catalogue and a copy of the record breaking under the hammer sales results !



We proudly present our record breaking results achieved under the hammer on Feb 13th following: if you are considering offering your rare, low, and special Historic Plate, selling through our live auction event "The Great Plate Auction" is the most sensible way to achieve the maximum price for your investment. We substantially exceeded reserves on many of our lots and our vendors were delighted with their results; we sold 29 out of 32 plates offered for an amazing 91% clearance rate.


What sales records can we break with your plate?


Rare and Special Historic Plates WANTED for our next auction:





Monday 14th February 2011. "We deliver Record Breaking results."



Above Image courtesy of The Advertiser, as published 10.2.11 


Monday 14th Feb 2011. Please contact us via the following to obtain the results from our record breaking auction sale, including the new benchmark establishing sales of our four 2-digit plates SA "64" "65" "82" and "87" and the two immediate after auction sales- the sales of SA "911"; a record price achived for a 3-digit plate in SA and "H" ; a record price for a single character custom plate in SA.


Contact us via the following method for an electronic copy of the sales results from February's The Great Plate Auction 2011: 











For The Great Plate Auction 2011 we have consigned historic plates with reasonable reserves. We are confident we have secured some of the most attractively and fairly priced historic plates to come on the market in many years, and have the best range of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-digit lots on offer at auction since the Great Plate Auction 1985.



We believe that all plates will be hotly contested; register your attendance today:























The Great Plate Auction 25th Anniversay Event

February 13th, 2011

BEA Motors, new car showroom 

20 Sir Donald Bradman Drive

Mile End SA 









Our guest Auctioneer, Mr Bernard Booth


We are very pleased to announce that Mr Bernard Booth of Bernard H. Booth Pty. Ltd. has accepted our invitation to be our guest auctioneer at The Great Plate Auction 2011. With Bernard’s extensive auction experience and expertise we are excited he will be taking your bids on the auction dais at our event on February 13th.







Absentee Bidding Form- if you can't be there on the 13th

Please contact us for an absentee bidding form or telephone bidding should you be unable to attend on the day.




Our rare two digit historic plates

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of The Great Plate Auction of 1985, headlining our auction are the four historic plates SA"87", SA"82", SA"65" and SA"64".

This is the first time in over a quarter of a century that four two-digit plates have been offered for auction.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to secure a two digit for use today or as an investment for future generations of your family, as not since The Great Plate Auction in 1985 have investors and enthusiasts had the opportunity to secure such very low number historic plates.

This is an unrepeatable chance to acquire a consecutive set of two-digit plates and the opportunity to secure a single plate, a pair or more of the elusive two digit historic plates.

In addition, according to our historic plate records only two other sets of "consecutive" two digit plates are held by the same owners. The Great Plate Auction 2011 is a rare opportunity to secure one of the sets of highly desirable and sought after "consecutive" two digit plates that have ever been amassed.

In reality, two digit plates just N E V E R come up on the open market, as they are V E R Y tightly held by their owners. No one else has re-sold more two digit plates than we have, and our handling of these four two digit plates affirms us at via our vehicle The Great Plate Auction as the preeminent business through which to sell and acquire investment grade low SA Historic Plates.

With VIC "97" having recently sold for $180,000 and on the same day VIC "83" receiving bids to $220,000 we expect SA records to tumble when our two digit plates hit the auction block.

For some information on prior sales of two digit SA plates (SA"52", SA "53" and SA "79") we have some past sales pricing data in our SA Historic Plate Register Project, click on the following link:

In addition, SA "82" and SA "87" are both to be sold with a rare an now un-obtainable original copy of The Great Plate Auction 1985 catalogue they feature in.


The black GP plate "64"


In addition to our two digit historic plates, we have also listed the black Grand Prix plate number "64" for auction.

Of incredible interest to plate collectors and enthusiasts will be the opportunity to purchase either a consecutive set of two digit historic plates, and add then GP"64"....and hence have two cars registered in the same number, "64".

This is a superb & scarce opportunity, as no other state in Australia has this "two plates with the same number" quirk, and it's an opportunity never likely to be repeated here in SA as we know of no other two digit GP/Historic two digit plate sets held by the same owners.




The ultimate P O R S C H E plate, SA "911"

I’ve been a 911 owner since 1991, and as both a Porsche and historic plate enthusiast I know that with the possible exception of SA "888", historic plate SA "911" is the most desirable and best investment grade three digit plate you can buy. We’re auctioning it to be sold on February 13th 2011. It was the amongst the most expensive three digit plates sold back in October 1985 and it was the most contested 3-digit lot on the day; we expect it to again be sought after when put to auction on Feb 13th.


Porsche A.G. continue to produce the 911 (hooray) and they will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 911 in 2013; you could own this sensational plate ahead of time and be only the second owner in the last 25 years.

We also have several interesting Porsche related numbers on offer, being SA "63-911" and SA "2911".


Lucky "3's- lucky in any language: SA "333-333"

Numeral's "8" and "3" are considered the luckiest of numbers, and our rare offer of SA "333-333" is a once in a lifetime chance to secure a blue chip repeating digit historic plate. It has been held by one owner for many years and it's availabilty at The Great Plate Auction 2011 is a special opportunity to secure an investment grade and desirable historic plate.

The single character plate "H", 1 of only 30 single character plates available


Finally, if you’re chasing a “single character” plate, then we’ll be able to help you as we are auctioning custom plate “H”.

With the recent meteoric rise of historic plate values, in the future we’ll look back and realise this rare & unique plate was a very astute investment indeed, especially given what the single character plates recently sold for in Victoria. I predict that one day (and I’ve personally asked them to do so) the SA Government will legislate for SA to use the smaller dimension custom plates that the other states NSW and Qld use; so you’ll potentially be able to make this a 150mm x 110mm plate....thus perfect for the front of your Ferrari 458.

SA "H". A smart future investment? With only thirty single character plates available in SA ( 4 x single digit historic plates and 26 x single character custom plates).....we think so.

No one has re-sold more two digit or low three digit plates than us or has a larger buyer and vendor database; so if you're a seller this makes and the finest vehicles through which to sell your plates. If you’re a buyer, we secure the best plates on the market for you to buy.

Go tell your friends- and if you are an interstate investor we can take care of all your needs.

Keep your eye on the press and our site via for more details. The Great Plate Auction 2011, a live auction of the finest investment grade Historic SA number plates to be offered in over a quarter of a century.

To register, email

Contact Stewart Kay 0401 722 222

*sourced from records, best knowledge






The Great Plate Auction 2011 Lot List as at 26.1.2011 






























To register, email

Contact Stewart Kay 0401 722 222




 Terms and Conditions of Auction







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The Great Plate Auction: see us in an article in The Advertiser on 10th Feb 2011:






1. AUCTIONEER: are “The Auctioneer”.
2. BIDDER TO REGISTER: Prior to Auction  and entry to the auction each bidder shall complete legibly a Bidders Registration with a valid ID which can be obtained from the Auction Rooms on the day of the auction.
3. HIGHEST BIDDER TO BE THE PURCHASER EXCEPT WHERE THERE IS A RESERVE PRICE: The highest bidder for each lot shall be the purchaser and if any dispute arises as to any bidding the lot or lots in dispute shall be immediately put up for auction again at the last undisputed bidding, or the dispute may be determined by the Auctioneer. Any dispute must be raised with the Auctioneer before the next lot is offered.
4. BUYERS PREMIUM – A Buyers Premium of 5.5% inc GST is applicable to the sale of each item  which meets reserve and is on top of the final bid price and is payable to This percentage is calculated on the hammer price and will be charged to the buyer in addition to the bid price.
5. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL:  within seven (7) days of the close of the auction.
6. AUCTIONEER MAY REFUSE A BID: The Auctioneer may, without giving any reason, refuse to accept the bidding of any person or persons on any lot or lots.
7. VENDORS: The Auctioneer may bid on behalf of the vendor up to the reserve price if any and may withdraw any lot from sale. The auctioneer can advance the bidding at his discretion.
8. DEPOSIT: On the fall of the hammer the buyer of each lot shall,  pay to the Auctioneers Assistants a deposit of $500 or 10% of the final winning bid price whichever is higher, in cash, or by bank cheque.  Mastercard and VISA only will be accepted. Facilities are available and credit card payments attract a 2% fee. If a buyer has not registered prior to the Auction he shall give in writing his name and address to the Auctioneer or his representative. If any buyer fails to comply with any of these terms the lot or lots in respect of which such failure is made may, if the Auctioneer deems necessary be put up again and resold and the defaulter’s bid shall not be taken again during the sale. If upon resale a lower price is obtained for any of such lots than was obtained in the first sale the difference in price shall be a debt due from the buyer in default upon the first sale.
9. FAULTS OR MISDESCRIPTION: All lots are sold as they are and a sale shall not be invalidated by reason of any defect or faults in any of the lots by reason of any of the lots being incorrectly described in the catalogue or elsewhere or missing parts or quantities, and neither the vendor nor the Auctioneer shall pay compensation in respect of any faults or errors of description, parts or quantities or vendors inability to perform a full and complete sale.
10. LOTS AT PURCHASER’S RISK: Each lot shall be the purchaser’s risk from the fall of the hammer and the purchaser shall pay, by cash or bank cheque (unless prior arrangements have been made with the Auctioneer), for the lot in full before delivery. Title to the lot shall not pass to the buyer until all payments are cleared through the Auctioneer’s Bank and Government and Statutory 10% transfer and any associated vehicle registration fees are subsequently paid.

11. No allowances or refunds will be made. Buyers will not be able to reject any lot on the grounds that it is not correctly described in the catalogue or elsewhere. Lots are sold “as is where is” without warranty, nor are they warranted as fit for any particular purpose nor is any warranty given by the Auctioneer as to the serviceability status of any item.

12. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH TERMS: Upon failure to comply with the above terms any money deposited in part payment shall be forfeited to the vendor he paying therefore all expenses


13. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH TERMS: Upon failure to comply with the above terms any money deposited in part payment shall be forfeited to the vendor he paying therefore all expenses and the lot or lots shall be resold by public or private sale and the deficiency (if any) arising upon the resale together with the expenses shall be made good by the defaulter at this sale.

14.TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE: Time shall be of the essence for the sale of any lot.


16. TRANSFER OF RIGHTS: will facilitate the transfer of rights between the vendor and purchaser according to rules and regulations as outlined by the Government’s Department of Transport Energy and Infrastructure “DTEI”.

17. ALLOCATION OF PLATES TO VEHICLES: plates are allocated to be displayed on vehicles through DTEI Motor Registration offices upon the successful transfer of a plate between parties and the completion of a DTEI Number Plate Agreement form. Purchasers are made aware of and are to understand that a plate cannot be displayed on a vehicle without the completion of these statutory requirements.

18. NUMBER PLATE AGREEMENTS: Buyers should familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions as with regards to Number Plate “Class Specific Rights” agreements as detailed by DTEI on behalf of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. All number plates and number plate sales are governed by these Government agreements and in bidding the bidder acknowledges that they understand that they will be governed by these rules.

19. GST: GST is not payable on plates or plate agreements.

20. SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF NUMBERPLATE SALE: Please note that in some instances the physical plates may not be available; this is the sale of the “rights” to display and trade the number plate. New number plates can be issued by the relevant Government Department, additional fees are payable directly to DTEI for this. We recommend you contact the relevant department DTEI to inform yourself of all the requirements.

21.“ONE FOR THE BAR” ENAMEL & PLASTIC DISPLAY PLATES: some lots have enamel or plastic style plates available for souvenir/collection purposes only. These vintage style enamel and plastic plates do not meet current licensing and registration standards as they have not been issued by DTEI, hence are unsuitable for road registration use. Purchasers wishing to retain these display sample plates will be required to sign a release accordingly, acknowledging that they understand this and will abide by the DTEI rules and regulations regarding the display of registration plates on vehicles and the usage of only number plates approved by and issued by DTEI. Images in this catalogue are for illustration purposes only and actual road registration plates will differ in appearance.

22. Lots may be added or withdrawn at the discretion of the auctioneers.

23. has no affiliation with BEA Motors, Mercedes-Benz Australia or Bernard H. Booth Pty Ltd.

“Historic” black and white numeric plates: SA GOVT / DTEI Transfer fees apply at 10% of the sale/purchase price. Interested parties can familiarise themselves with the government requirements by confirming these full requirements directly with DTEI by phoning 131 084 or
It is up to the purchaser to inform themselves of these requirements and pay applicable transfer fees direct to the relevant government departments.



Friday 4th March 2011.  Please email us for an electronic copy of The Great Plate Auction 2011 Catalogue and a copy of the record breaking sales results !