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We have over the years featured in a number of historic plate media articles. We'll be adding more from time to time, so check back.

My how 20 years flies, we've been dealing in historic plates for some time now......

The Advertiser, 16 August, 1990 


In 1991 I had the very fortunate opportunity to acquire Australia's first 901, a 1965 Porsche 911 that in fact was the first Right Hand Drive 911 delivered to a customer anywhere in the world. Apart from it's brilliant original and unmolested condition, my plate expertise sparked my interest in the car, as I knew "119" to have been an orignal Angas family number.


The Advertiser printed the above story on October 28, 1993, around the 30th Anniversary celebrations of the 911. Subsequent to this article further research that I've undertaken has revealed that my 901 was infact the third Right Hand Drive 901 built. The first RHD car went to Porsche Cars Great Britain and was held by them for several years and used as a demonstrator, and similarly the second RHD car was picked up by Alan Hamilton at the factory in Zuffenhausen, toured Europe for a few months and then came to Australia where it was the Hamiltons demonstrator.

SA119 was the first RHD customer car, and was ordered new by Ron Anags, of Collingrove Homestead in the Barossa. Angas actually owned the first RHD Porsche ever made, a July '51 built light metallic blue 356 Cabriolet, which he bought directly from the Hamilton's whilst it was here in SA racing at the Sellicks Beach sprints in early 1952. SA119 was always registered to Ron Angas' cars, and I understand from 1952 this plate was only ever registered on Porsches. Fristly, the '51 Cab, a '55 Continental Coupe, a late 50's 356A, a '62 356 B coupe and the 901 which was registered in 1965, and to this day still wears historic plate SA119.

I'll publish a page wholly devoted to SA119 -both the plate and car- in the near future. It's a pretty interesting tale.