*NEW* Spotted Pictures III

Welcome to the third page of our Spotted Pictures: we welcome your contributions via sell@historicplates.com.au

SA's most exclusive and unusual number plate:



The most exclusive Registration Plate in SA. For all our plate entusiasts we will be adding some information on this unusual plate; the most exclusive and "special" plate bolted to any car in SA.  It has adorned some fine motor cars over the years, and today is affixed to the Governor's Caprice. We just wish the Government House Motor Garage mounted the Crown on a black base plate instead of the white plate as pictured: black plates on black cars always look superp. And whilst there, they might have aligned the crown straight on the backing plate, too !


SA 8000: a great 4-digit and rarely seen, and amongst our favourite of all 4-digit plates.


SA 466: good low 3-digit with rare original 1985 The Great Plate Auction plates.


SA 221: super low 3-digit plate on an older pressed plate with no serif to the "1" numeral. A great number.


SA 511: a great vintage image of an imposing vintage Renault, with SA 511 which was originally registered to a Fred Philby, of Alford. Can anyone pinpoint the location; looks to be somewhere in the city or North Adelaide.


SA 989. Nice, neat 3-digit plate.



SA 540. Here's a client of ours snapped with this fine, 3-digit plate.