*NEW* Spotted Pictures Page II

One of the most popular pages on the Historic Plates site; we've added a second page of spotted pics for your enjoyment. Has your plate been "spotted"?


The Car Park at The Great Plate Auction 2011, Feb 13th.


Well, the car park at our The Great Plate Auction 2011 event had almost as many quality plates as we had up for auction. Great to see the plates of many past and new clients of historicplates.com.au there on the day, including some of the other 2-digit plates we've sold in the past, being SA "16", SA "21", SA "69". The pictured SA "679" was sold by us just after the auction, so now is off the pictured V8 Aston. I got a chance to see this car up close, and was greatly impressed by the details and design quality of the thing.

Thanks to Sean for acting as official photographer on the day and contributing these great shots.

















If you have any other pictures from on the day of The Great Plate Auction 2011, we'd love to hear from you.


Bentley Drivers Club run, 10.4.11

SA861 on a fantastic original SS100.


SA983 on a completely restored local from new 50's R Type Bentley.

VIC335, on a Bentley Continental owned by one of our clients. Not an SA Historic Plate, but a great plate & car combination nonetheless.


SA "119" meets SA "911"

We recently sold SA "911" for what is a record price for a 3-digit plate. Funny enough our client bought the SA "911" plate  without a 911 in the garage, so he has just taken delivery of this low mileage black/black 997.

So, today SA "119" met the 2005 997 Coupe that plate SA "911" has just been registered to. 1965 meets 2005. 901 meets 997. SA "119" meets SA "911". Cool.

And when your client starts the car, & say's ".....go take it for a drive". Cooler still.

All I need to do now is fix the local dealer's handiwork & re-mount the plate, straight this time.





SA717-717 : A plate we auctioned at The Great Plate Auction 2011, looking great on a new Evo.


SA64- another of the plates we successfully sold for a record price at The Great Plate Auction: pictured on it's new home, a Cayenne Turbo. We've also added another new image on the relevant SA Historic Plate Register Project Page too.


SA391, C63 AMG.


SA6868. Great lucky numeral combination.


SA1200, a nice low 4-digit ending in the desirable "00" double zero.

21 numbers later to the above plate, SA1221, a nice low 4-digit even number.


SA908, Black BMW.

A client supplied picture (thanks !) of SA 583 on a new Lexus. Nice 3-digit.

SA541- fittingly on a rare Jensen 541. We've spoken with the owners and this plate has been on the car since the 60's. fantastic and today rare & special to see an old original car with it's old original plate.

SA4040. Interesting repeat number combination on original 1985 The Great Plate Auction enamel plates.

SA3000. If you attended our The Great Plate Auction event then you saw this orange AC Ace on display wearing plate SA180. He is the Ace with it's actual historic plate, one of our favourite car and plate combinations in SA.


 SA967. While we are on great plate and car combinations, here is a 3-digit historic plate we have brokered in the past.

15.5.11 Bentley Drivers Club sparrow fart run. Always an eclectic and special group of cars, here are a few plate and car highlights.

SA8274, Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2. White with red. Gorgeous.

SA58. Whilst we are on the 60's V12 Ferrari theme, here is a valued client of our's 330 GT registered in the Historic Plate SA "58". Another favourite SA car of ours at historicplates.com.au. This car was the first 330GT in Australia, and we've another pic of SA "58" in the Historic SA Plate Register Project Page.

SA1616- Bentley Special, Special Plate.

SA1361 - Owned by a client of ours at historicplates.com.au. Brilliant plate, brilliant car.

SA4200: we have sold several 4-digits ending in "00" in the past, and these remain amongst the most sought after of the 4-digit numeral combinations.

SA326. Low 3-digit Historic Plate.

 SA363. Owned by a client of ours at historicplates.com.au, another great 3-digit plate with 3's either side of the 6.

SA901-409. E63. 'Nuff Said.