*NEW* Where are they today? List of SA '1' to SA '100' Historic Plates & vehicles: The SA Historic Plate Register Project 1 to 100 list.


SA '1'  to SA '100' The SA Historic Plate Register Project: all Historic Plates 1 to 100.




The www.historicplates.com.au SA Historic Plate Register Project proudly presents a register of the first hundred SA Historic Plates, from plate SA "1" to SA "100".


Ever wondered where a low plate is?


Ever wondered what car is registered to what low and special plate?


Ever wondered how many low plates are still on original vehicles and how many 2-digit plates have had Rights sold to them?


Our research can now answer the questions that Historic Plates enthusiasts have mused over for years.


Recently we conducted some research on the single and 2-digit plates in SA from plate SA ‘1’ to SA ‘100’.  Expect to see this information copied & presented elsewhere like everything we do at www.historicplates.com.au; such imitation is the cost of true leadership.


Summarised for the first time ever,  www.historicplates.com.au, the #1 name in SA Historic Plates, is please to present for your enjoyment the information on the first 100 SA Historic Plates on issue currently.



Some conclusions



From our graph below we can see that the most represented Marque registered  in single and 2-digit Historic Plates  is Mercedes-Benz. Equally, there are fourteen 2-digit Historic Plates that are owned with Rights but are not currently registered on a car. Plate enthusiasts like ourselves would love to see them on the road. It is however a sure sign they are viewed as a solid investment as we know many owners who have multiple plates and do not have them registered on vehicles.





Interestingly, there are three plates (SA ’10’, SA ‘12’ and  SA ‘37’) that are not currently allocated on a single vehicle and it is our understanding that  rights have not been sold to them. They would be available for sale should the duplication of the Black GP series

not preclude DTEI from offering them.

Of the single and double digit plates in SA, 24 numbers in the series 1-100 are registered to “original” vintage-era cars, vehicles and trailers.





The are between 71 and 73 Historic single and 2-digit plates up to plate SA ‘100’ that have had Class Specific Rights issued to them and hence can be displayed and traded

This, as we as we were the first to have announced before, amounts to four single digit plates and approximately seventy odd 2-digit plates with Rights sold.



Surprisingly, our research shows there is one vehicle whose make is unrecorded, and there are 19 different makes of vehicle that have one only single or 2-digit plate registered.


In total thirty different makes of cars (excluding trailers and cycles) are registered with the single and 2-digit Historic numbers.


In addition to the historic plates in the series 1-100, there is one leading zero historic Plate SA “012” that is still registered on the original Bentley sedan that received this number in the 1960’s. This may explain why SA ‘12” has not been issued although there is duplication with GP ‘12’ in the Black Grand Prix series also.



SA '1'  to SA '100' The SA Historic Plate Register Project: all Historic Plates 1 to 100.
















We are always interested in current and vintage Historic Plate images and information that can be added to the SA Historic Plate Register Project. Cheers.