We seek the finest SA single, two, three and four digit historic plates for direct purchase by us, for consignment sale on our site, for direct tender via our site database or for auction at our next auction event The Great Plate Auction III. Essentially you have four options to sell your plates with us at historicplates.com.au

If you have some idea what you plate is worth, but are unsure what to ask for it, the best way to accurately ascertain this is via auction, and as some historic plates have recently sold very quickly and easily the only way to maximise your investment is to offer a plate the market under competitive conditions- either via live auction or the less desirable tender.

We achieved several at auction record prices for SA Historic Plates at our recent auction event and we are convinced that if you are a vendor this is most effective and market correct way to price your rare and special historic plate.

With over 20 years experience in dealing in SA historic plates, at www.historicplates.com.au we can candidly advise you of your options to realise your investment in your unique piece of SA history.


No one has sold more two digit, low three digit plates or other special plates than us or has a larger buyer and vendor database; so if you're a seller this makes historicplates.com.au and thegreatplateauction.com.au the finest vehicles through which to sell your plates.

If you’re a buyer, we secure the best plates on the market for you to buy.

Our research was the first to document that only four single digit plates are held with full rights in SA. We have signigficant, qualified and serious demand for single digit plates. Selling with us is to sell with SA's clear No 1 dealers in SA Historic Plates.



2-Digits: we've re-sold more 2-digits than anyone in SA. We're the 2-digit experts and have buyers waiting to acquire any 2-digit plate.







We currently have cash buyers for low three digit plates in the 100’s

We currently have cash buyers for low black Grand Prix plates.

We are currently seeking the Proprietary Right 1985 auction Classic Name Plates



“Aston Martin”


on behalf of clients.


I have several buyers seeking variations in historic plates with the:


numerals “6s” and “8s” e.g. 688

numerals “3s” and “8s” e.g. 388

numerals "8s" and "9s" e.g. 889